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If you're planning on having any type of surgery and you need rehab afterwards, well let me tell you Hearthstone is the best place to go. I had a complete hip replacement and yes I was worried after my surgery, cause I needed rehab and didn't know where to turn. When I came to Hearthstone I made the right choice. I was treated like family and all my needs were taken care of. The staff is out of this world. They know how to get the job done.


To All The Staff, I just want to thank everyone at The Home At Hearthstone for all of their professional, kindness, and love you gave my Dad, during his time with all of you. Being so far away, it was difficult, but all of you gave me peace of mind.


Just wanted to leave you a note on how helpful your staff has been, especially Diana and Michelle upstairs! I truly appreciate it!

Susan with Molina

You all take such good care of me!

Resident P.C.

Dear Melissa and Hearthstone Staff, Thank you very much for the card and the care you gave Aunt Bobbie during her time at Hearthstone. Melissa, James, and I will be forever grateful for the quickness and efficiency you extended in getting Aunt Bobbie placed in your care. We appreciate everything your staff did for our family

The Thompson Family

You are the happiest bunch of people that I have ever known!

M.J. Hospice LSW

I was so pleased with your services. The girls here are very kind and patient.

I would recommend Hearthstone to anyone. Thank you!


Upon arriving I was concerned about fitting in but when the nurses offered snacks and to chat it was a warm happening. The 24-hour nurse attention was a surprise and pleasing.

Dining room meals gave me a chance to meet more people. When asked, the cooks modified my portions and offered a modified knife which cut better and easier.

The varied therapy was clever, effective, and stimulating - always in concern for my physical problems. They were always cheerful and helpful but strict enough to keep me safe.


Therapists treat me good.  I love therapy.  This is my third time back here and I would return.


The staff is kind, friendly and attentive. I could not ask for a better team of caregivers to help me. Every one of my needs were met. Thank you so much!


My stay was pleasant and everyone was nice. The therapists were good and supplied me with everything I needed.


The staff were very professional and treated me very good. I have only good things to say about Hearthstone. They rock!


I came here in January 2003 after a stroke and have made so much improvement. I like the nurses here and all of the attention they give me.


Ron and I wanted to extend a very heartfelt Thank You to the entire staff and especially the Woodcreek Unit for the wonderful care, patience, compassion and love you expressed to us in the almost six years caring for my mom. You have touched our hearts forever and we appreciate all that you did for mom and myself. 
"A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal."
Thank you again,


My dad is doing awesome after his recent stay at The Home at Hearthstone. The therapy staff were fabulous and he was very happy with the care he received.


I have been at Hearthstone on two occasions now. I actually requested Hearthstone because of the excellent care I received during my first visit. The staff, nurses and therapists are outstanding. There is no question in my mind that I wouldn't have been prepared to resume my normal activities, were it not for the care I received at Hearthstone. Should the need arise, I will be back again.
Thank You.

Robert W.

I would like to thank Hearthstone for taking me in. I want to thank everyone. The employees are all friendly and caring and my stay was great. I would like to complement Hearthstone on being a very clean facility. When it is time for me to go to my last home on earth, I would like for it to be Hearthstone.


God bless you for what you did to help me in my stay there with you. Continue good and help all that are there.

Grace C.

When looking for a place for Mom, we happened to place her at The Home at Hearthstone. She had been there before. It's difficult to appraise a facility when you are rushed to find one. Thank goodness we put Mom here! The staff are genuinely engaged with the residents. They encourage Mom to get involved, they communicate her activities and needs to me and they take all of her sometimes mood in stride. She danced on her birthday, played bingo and they sit with her when she's low. This facility has kindness, love and respect. They make it their mission to make each resident feel special and appreciated.

Thank you to the Sycamore wing and all of you who have made this "home." You are all incredibly kind and I definitely sleep better knowing she is there!

Debbie M.

The decision to move our mother to a nursing home was not an easy one. We were torn between all of the horror stories we've heard about poor care, as well as her negative experience in another facility during recovery from a hospital stay, and knowing that we could no longer provide what she needed at home.

I started to feel at ease after her first week. Everyone was very kind and helpful to her and our family. I felt more at ease when she began to adjust and leave her room. I always saw staff members invite her to join activities instead of isolating in her room. Eventually, she became more active in group activities and meals. Now she is out of her room most days and involved.

Not only is she housed, fed, and seen by medical professionals, I feel she is being cared for. She's not just a case, people are warm and respectful when engaging with her. We can't thank you enough for making this challenging stage of her life easier for all of us.

Crystal S.

My brother Mark Miller stays at the Home at Hearthstone. I can't say enough about the exceptional care he receives there. The staff is very professional and demonstrates a genuine concern for my brother's well-being. When I visit Mark, his clothes and his room are always clean. I like to take Mark to his appointments, so the staff calls me in advance so I can spend time with him and take him where he needs to go.

The Home at Hearthstone holds many special events. I attended the "Trunk or Treat" event this Halloween. Everyone decorated their cars and gave out candy. We all had a very good time! I also attended the Thanksgiving Day dinner held at Hearthstone. The residents and their families all had a great meal and a very good time after dinner.

The high level of care and these special events make the Home at Hearthstone a wonderful place. It gives me great peace of mind to have my brother in such a special place.

Michael M.