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Ohio Clean Kitchen Award

July 15, 2022
Did you know that there are nearly 960 nursing homes in the state of Ohio and only 5% percent of those meet the requirements to receive a Clean Kitchen Award? We are so proud of our Dietary Manager, Annita, as 2022 is now the 5th year that Hearthstone has received this amazing award!

Annita was invited to the Hamilton County Public Health board meeting this month to receive her award in person. Health Commissioner, Greg Kesterman, and Board President, Dr. Elizabeth Kelly, presented the award and offered great words of praise for the dedication Annita gives to our residents each and every day. We are so proud of this achievement and couldn't have done it without Annita!

Annita matches the same level of effort at work as she does at home in keeping a clean kitchen and serving delicious food. Her passion for being in the kitchen comes from her grandmother, who taught her everything she knows. Whenever she cooks, she cooks from the heart and knows that her food makes a difference in our residents' lives every day.

There is an old saying that the way to someone's heart is through their stomach, and at Hearthstone, we strive to always serve food that tastes and looks good. We understand that food is sometimes the only pleasure for nursing home residents, and it should always be top-notch!

Congratulations, Annita, and thank you for your dedication to our residents! Home at Hearthstone wouldn't be the same without you!

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